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MPWC2015 is here!

MPWC2015 tickets on sale!!


MPWC2015 is set for Thursday 10th September and the theme of the day is ‘Wellbeing in your Life and Business’.

This day is for you if you are either running a business or have an idea for a business and you would like to look at where you sit in regards to all the stuff that makes up your life, maybe because you are Multi-passionate?  The focus then is how we take care of ourselves in the chaos, and what we can do to still be successful while living this rich/full life.

Eden hall II



If you think you would like to join us on this fantastic day then please click on the link below to be taken through to a secure Paypal Page where  you can purchase your ticket.


Once you have purchased you ticket, you will receive an email from me to confirm within 24 hours.  You will then receive further details about the day, what to bring and treatment option information after ticket sales end on August 14th.


Oh my!  Kelly Hoppen MBE has endorsed MPWC!

We honestly couldn’t be more chuffed here at Team MPWC that Kelly Hoppen MBE has tweeted about our event!

We love Kelly’s work and personally, as an interiors fiend, I have admired Kelly’s work for many years.  More importantly Kelly also really epitomises the Multi-passionate female entrepreneur.  Thank you Kelly for ‘shouting out’ about our event.  We hope to bring this creative message to more women who have businesses and women who would like to start businesses.

We also secretly hope of course, that we might also be able to ask Kelly to join us next year at MPWC 2015…hurrah!



Wednesday 28th May:  Meet a new ticket holder!

Amy started her own Dance Company in 2009 and has branched out in many areas since. She opened an Arts Academy to offer her pupils professional examinations as well as singing, acting and music.


Amy launched her own fashion line in 2013 beginning with an urban dance range. She plans to expand this to other dance genres and every day fashion wear as she has many many designs waiting in the wings!

With an eye for detail and a creative brain Amy is building up her photography portfolio. She has photographed weddings and dance events. I will be attending as I feel networking is key and I hope to bring sense to my businesses as a whole as I am a multi passionate business women 🙂

From The Heart Fashion / Spritzer Dance Company & Performing Arts School / Triple Threat Arts Academy / / 


Monday 26th May:  Meet a new ticket holder!

I’m Claire Lyons, and this conference has come at the perfect time for me. 

   Claire Lyons

I’m truly multi-passionate although I’ve never had a name for it before… firstly my family and then my ‘day job’ as a part-time lecturer in Personal Development working in mental health recovery, then the ‘night job’ running my own business as a speaker on an eclectic-range of topics as well as running two book clubs, starting a new WI in Stapleford, being an active member of the local community and of course my first year as a school mum has been interesting. To wind down I like to make patchwork quilts, but frankly it’s been a while!

I’m hoping to have a day all to myself, to reflect on where I am and where I want to be, and to review my choices going forward as I go back to work from maternity leave and revisit my desire to start a PhD. Oh, and the free champagne sounds divine!


Friday 23rd May:  IMPORTANT UPDATE – We have a change of speaker!

Unfortunately Julie Hall from Women Unlimited will no longer be able to attend the conference. Sadly things don’t always go as planned…tis the world of event planning we are learning.

Committed to our guests having access to the best of the best however, we at MPWC HQ have been ferreting away to bring you the best advice we can find about social media/on-line marketing, which was Julie’s topic.  Well we think we have done it….enter, Deborah Lee…..


Deborah Lee

Deborah is here to help us all to grow our businesses via the use of social media.

Deborah truly knows what she is talking about ! She is:


Not only that, with a Twitter following of over 154K, Deborah is THE person in the know when it comes to how to grow your business, reach more clients and ultimately start reaping the rewards via your on-line presence.

We are very, very lucky to have Deborah be able to step in at such short notice.  I think you’ll agree that she certainly has a lot to offer those of us looking to grow our business and reach new clients.   We can’t wait to hear her talk!

We also will still be bringing some advice and presenting the work of Julie Hall from Women Unlimited even though she won’t be with us.  We think her work is fab and there are people who may want to be involved with her net-work….so you won’t be missing out on that.  Oh, and there is always next years’ event!

We hope you’ll be joining us next week…there are less than 20 tickets left!

Until then, we hope you have a lovely long weekend.



Wednesday 21st May:  Meet a new ticket holder!

We are so excited to have our first ticket holder coming all the way from bonny Scotland!

Ann has been so enthusiastic, tweeting about her journey to the event, and we are just super excited at the prospect of meeting her next week.

Please read Ann’s profile below, in it she tells us all about herself and why she is coming to this years MPWC.  We look forward to meeting another fellow Multi-passionate Ann!

Ann Brown

Hi, I’m Ann Brown, an intuitive coach and NLP practitioner.

I’m the founder of, and it’s my mission in life to help women feel confident to express their unique selves, so they can do their wonderful, powerful work in the world.

I’m flying down to the conference from Glasgow, and I’m really excited to meet lots of passionate, inspiring women, and hear the presentations by your wonderful line-up of speakers (including Corrina Gordon Barnes – who teaches two amazing courses I’ve had the pleasure of attending).

I live a quiet, peaceful life on a farm near Loch Lomond, in Stirlingshire (I’m a highly sensitive introvert, and I’m on the autism spectrum) so coming down to this conference is a big adventure for me!!

I’m looking forward to lots of learning, laughter and sharing stories and insights with other passionate women at MPWC2014!

 Also, I’d love to have your help in finding participants for my research project! Do you know a woman who’s passionate about making a difference in the world, but feels held back by her fears? If so, please check out my research page here:


 Here’s to transformational learning on May 30th!

Ann 🙂

Thursday 15th May:  EXCITING NEWS!!!

I am super excited to tell you that I have now organised a bonus addition to the wonderful-ness that will occur on the day of the conference.

All ticket holders will now be able to have, as part of their ticket cost, a glass of Champagne and canapés at close of play.


I hope that this will encourage women to stay a while, share and make connections with new people and potentially new collaborators.

What a lovely thing to look forward to.

I do hope you are as excited as me about this….can’t wait to share a glass of bubbly with you!

Tuesday 13th May:  Our chosen Charity…

So, I am proud to announce that our chosen charity for the conference will be the British Lung Foundation!


There will be a raffle on the day with many prizes having been donated by people in business.  Thank you to all of those that have donated prizes for the raffle.  We really appreciate it!


Oh my goodness me!  We have been written about in the Huffington Post.  We couldn’t be happier that this revolution of multi-passionate women is making a difference in the world and that powerful and inspiring women like Sue Dewey are in support of what we are doing.  Thank you so much Sue!  I can’t wait to see you in the day and raise a glass of bubbly to us Multi-passionates!  Roll on May 30th….

Huff Post

Click here on the link to be taken to the full article:

Friday 9th May:  Meet another ticket holder!

This is Jane Jones from Big Sky Fine Art.  Here she tells us about why she has booked a ticket to MPWC this year.


I have worked as a solicitor in Nottingham for almost thirty years, having a number of areas of expertise and holding several high profile roles. Overall it has been an extremely interesting and enjoyable career. However the last few years have been particularly challenging with the incessant  drive to meet performance targets and ever diminishing resources. The last four years have been significant for me on a personal level- having cancer, turning fifty and getting married again all made me realise that the thing none of us can control is time, and that I was not spending mine doing the things that were really important to me. I also had a strong feeling that part of being healthy was leading a more balanced and creative life. So, I made some difficult decisions, applied for early retirement (four times) and finally left the legal world at the end of last summer.

Since then I have developed my inner domestic goddess (it was always there somewhere) and am spending more time with my three teenage children. I have also had the time and energy to promote a company that my husband and I started up about five years ago; Big Sky Fine Art. Our website is and we are also on Twitter and Facebook. Our shared passion is for fine art and we had amassed a significant private collection. We decided to turn this into a commercial venture and now sell from premises in the UK, and on-line. Our aim is to provide high quality original art, well-researched and beautifully presented. It is fascinating to start a business in a new area and we are learning as we go. We have recently held our first week long exhibition in Nottingham and it was really successful. I am now looking to repeating this in other locations.

Having recently met Serena, I am looking forward to the MPWC in May as I am receptive to new ideas now and ready to learn from the experiences of other women who have had the courage to leave something familiar and begin a new journey.

Thursday 8th May

We have been written about on the amazing Talented Ladies Website!

Screenshot 2014-05-08 18.18.08

Please go and check out the article by clinking on the link here:

We are so pleased to not only be featured on this amazing platform, but also to have connected with the wonderful ladies behind the scenes, Hannah and Kary.

Thank you both so much….we look forward to building connections and future events.

Wednesday 7th May

I’d like to introduce you to another ticket holder, Ruth Hobson.  Here is why Ruth has chosen to attend this years MPWC…enjoy!

Ruth     Dr Ruth Hobson (PhD):  Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Researcher in Sport, Exercise & Health Nutrition

As a scientist I’ve been trained to view things as black or white and I’ve inadvertently taken this approach with all areas of my life; I would actually like to learn to embrace the grey area. I’m coming to this Multi-passionate Women’s Conference to learn about living life in a balanced and more fulfilling way, embracing all aspects of my life rather than feeling torn between priorities and ending up in a chaotic style. Also, I really wanted to support Serena in the exciting adventure!

Tuesday 6th May

Did you know that Broadway Cinema, in Nottingham, is supporting the event?  They are doing this via their amazing Projector Programme…if only I had known about this before!  Cheryl and Carrie from the programme will be joining us for the entire day, so that they can meet women in business and share ideas and help create new business for you and ultimately, help you grow your business.  How exciting!

I’ve pasted a little more information below about the programme, but also feel free to click on the links above to be taken directly to the relevant web sites.  Enjoy…oh, and did I mention that The Broadway have also given us a raffle prize for the day.  Thanks Broadway Cinema!


Projector at Broadway

Projector, Broadway’s business development programme is aimed at people looking to start or grow a creative or digital business in Nottingham. We’re specifically looking to help new entrepreneurs who live or run a business in Nottingham city; although, if you live in Nottinghamshire we can help you too. The ERDF Funded project is managed by Broadway Cinema and runs until June 2015.

We offer a range of support including:

  • 1-2-1 Business advice
  • Business workshops tailored for the creative industries
  • Industry specific events and support
  • Networking and showcasing opportunities


I can’t tell you exciting it is to watch my Eventbrite Event entry ‘ping’ with the purchase of another ticket sale.  I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to know that there are more amazing Multi-passionate women out there, who all want to meet at this event.

I’ve had some amazing emails from people again this week, most just expressing excitement at the prospect of coming along….talk about finding your niche!

So, in my quest to fill the room with more amazing MP women, I’ve decided on a final sale period for bank holiday only.  The offer has started and ends Monday night 11.59pm.

I really hope that you’ll take advantage of this offer, with tickets priced at £99!

To purchase your ticket to the event click on the below link or go to the ‘buy tickets’ page.

I can’t wait to meet you all.

Have a fab bank holiday weekend!

WEDNESDAY 9th APRIL:  Meet a new ticket holder!

susan tomlinson

Please meet one of this years ticket holders to the MPWC, Susan Tomlinson, Business Coach and Mentor from Real Coaching Solutions.

Susan specialises in working with female entrepreneurs and solo professionals who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to build a successful and rewarding business that supports the freedom and lifestyle of their choice.

For many years Susan held senior roles in well known international businesses and industry sectors.  It gave her a fascinating insight into how businesses work, as she was often involved in start up ventures.

Eventually, always being an entrepreneur at heart and feeling restless, she took the leap and set up her own coaching and consulting business winning large contracts and working with top names.

Even with all her previous experience Susan soon realised the challenges of being a solo entrepreneur!So early on she made the decision to make a significant investment of her time and money in hiring her own mentors and learning everything she could about marketing, sales and mindset to consistently grow her own business and continue to create the lifestyle of her choice.

Susan business interests also include being an Ambassador for Swann International, a global matchmaking service for successful single professionals.

As someone who works with a wide range of businesses, in the UK and Internationally, Susan is excited to be attending the MPWC 2014 to meet and be inspired by other women who are creating meaningful and exciting lives.

We can’t wait to meet Susan on 30th May.  Please remember to say hello to Susan when you come along!

TUESDAY 25th MARCH (9 weeks and 3 days to go)

We are pleased to announce our new partnership for the event with HOSTA consulting!

Helen Taylor from HOSTA consulting will be helping us do, well, something really special for the MPWC2014 this year.

You will have to wait to hear about this something special until the day. Needless to say this isn’t just something pretty…this is something that each person that attends, gets to take home with them!

Please come back to find about more about other things going on behind the scenes and well as news and updates leading up to the event.

me and meadow


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